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Do you get bored of playing the same online game over and over again? Are you looking for a game that lets you play varied characters each day? If the answer to both these queries is in affirmative then you should consider playing Episode: Choose Your Story. Commonly referred as Episode, the game will let you play varied gaming characters of different stories every day.



There are thousands of stories that you can read and play; so, you will never get bored of it! An interesting aspect of the game is that you need to make choices on a regular basis, which will have a direct impact on the story. Basically, you will be the master of your own fate. So, are you ready to play Episode game?

Well, before you begin with the stories, read the below mentioned aspects as they will help you to progress quickly in the game.

How To Earn In-game Currencies In Episode Game


In the beginning of the game you will be able to read a couple of episodes for free. If you have enjoyed reading a particular story and want to continue with it, then you need to unlock consequent episodes. Passes are the vital currencies that are required for buying and unlocking new episodes. Some of the ways to obtain Passes are mentioned below.

  • Wait for four hours so that three passes will get recharged.
  • Play a new story or episode and earn one pass as a reward.
  • Buy them with real money.
  • Use Episode cheats to generate them instantly.

Although waiting for four hours looks feasible, but remember that you have to use all three passes for them to get recharged again. So, it gets quite boring as you keep waiting for Passes. The two quick methods are to spend real cash or use Episode hack. Both the methods will help you to acquire infinite amount of Passes within a few seconds. Depending on your preference, you can pick any one technique and enjoy your stories without any interruptions.


Gems are another important in-game currency, which will be required for unlocking choices that are vital for the progress of your gaming character. Earning Gems is a bit difficult, and the amount you accumulate during each gaming session is very less. The acquired Gems will hardly be sufficient for your progress. Hence, players spend real money to buy Gems from the game store or make use of Episode cheats.

 How To Publish Your Stories In Episode Game

If you enjoy writing and want to get your story published in Episode: Choose Your Story game then it is easy! You need to begin by researching on the top-trending stories in Episode, as your story should be equal or better than them. The popular stories in the game will give you an idea of what genre does people prefer reading and playing. You can even join the social networking sites as most of the gamers post their reviews on the episodes that they have played. Your goal should be to write a better story so that it gets accepted by all.

Episode game allows each and everyone to display their talents and creativity across the world. So, you should grab the opportunity and write an amazing piece especially for gamers. Your story should be grammatically correct as well as attractive. Do not rewrite someone else’s story. Your anecdote should be unique so that it gets well-accepted. Once your story is published, ensure that you advertise it well so that it reaches the innumerable gamers. Some of the ways that you can use for advertising your story is through Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, word of mouth, etc.

How To Choose The Best Story

As there are innumerable stories posted, you may find it difficult to choose the best one. One of the ways to pick an interesting story to play is by checking out the most-trending topics and selecting any one of them. Another way is to join the gaming developer’s social networking sites. Here you will be able to connect with several gamers from every part of the world. These gamers usually post their honest reviews on Facebook so by reading their experiences, you can pick a story. The third method is to join the developer’s forums as most of the stories are discussed here. So, by reading them you can make the right choice.

To conclude, Episode game can keep you busy for several months as there are thousands of stories to read and play. Moreover, each day there are many more stories that get published. You can choose a story from your preferred genre or can play a different genre each day. The choice is yours; but one thing is for sure, you will never get bored of Episode: Choose Your Story game. Also, as the fate of the story depends on your choices, you will certainly have an enjoyable time.

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