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Rush Wars Hack

Rush Wars is yet another fantastic game developed by Supercell. The game has been launched recently in three countries viz. Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Gradually, the developers will be releasing the game across the world. If you are eagerly looking forward to playing Rush Wars game then you should read this post till the end. In this article, you will come across some wonderful tips/tricks of Rush Wars, features, and few aspects that did not go down well by gamers. So, let’s not waste time and instead check it out.

Rush Wars Hack

Features Of Rush Wars Game In A Nutshell

  • Build an ultimate attack squad for raiding enemy’s goldmines and becoming rich.
  • Earn free boxes / chests every three hours to unlock several troops, Gold, Arcade, and Defenses.
  • You can either play on your own with friends or join a team of powerful players.
  • Explore the new maps that comprise of unique effects like the Area 54 and Megacity.
  • Acquire commanders that are inbuilt with special abilities to lead your team in the battlefield. For instance; the Coach has the ability to boost your units’ moving and attacking speed whereas the Bearman can smash into things quickly.
  • Defend your goldmines so that the enemies do not attack and loot in-game currencies.

Chests In Rush Wars Game

Chests will help you to grow in the game as they are filled with several resources and goodies. You will receive chests every three hours, so even if you are not playing the game actively, just acquire the freebies in the chests for future use. Unlocking Chests on a regular basis would lead to achieving success in the game as you can receive unit cards and Gold coins in Chests. The gaming currency will be required for upgrading units and entering battlefield. On the other hand, unit cards are helpful for upgrading your fighters so that they become stronger. In short, both coins and unit cards will let you progress in the game quickly. So, you should try to unlock as many chests as possible and acquire success swiftly in Rush Wars.

Tips That Will Make Rush Wars Game Simpler

  • In settings, you can connect your game through Google Play or Facebook. The sound effects and music can also be altered as per your preferences.
  • In-app purchases are available, which range about $100 per item. However, if you do not want to purchase them with real money then there is always an option of using hacks and cheat codes.
  • Experiment with various placements and strategies so that you get hold of the one that brings better results.
  • Don’t keep battling with other opponents. Spend some time in building your own base too and ensure that you have defended it well from the enemies. Understand the design of your map properly so that you can place your troops behind blockers.
  • When you earn a unit for the first time, the foremost thing to do is to test them out. By using them, you will get to know their attacks, range, and other abilities. This would help you to construct the best possible team and let you use your units at the right time and at the right place.
  • Make use of your resources wisely so that you earn Experience quickly. Experience will help you to reach new levels of the game.
  • Think twice before upgrading any of your cards as it costs a lot of money. Cards can be easily acquired by unlocking chests, and it is true that upgrading them will make cards more powerful. However, if you keep spending in-game currency in upgrading all cards randomly then very soon you will not be left with any currency at all for using in the battlefield.

Some Airdrops Available In Rush Wars

  • Heal – It will heal your troops with green energy and make them more stable.
  • Arcade – Make use of arcade to damage enemies in a small area or to destroy obstacles.
  • Satellite – You can use satellite to damage a large area as you will be pulling an object from orbit and throwing it on enemies.
  • Boost – Whenever you want to enhance your fighter’s attacking or moving speed, you should make use of boost.
  • Invisibility – Use it for making your troops invisible for a few seconds, even while attacking.
  • Fridge – It will enable you to freeze your enemy units and send a scary message to all mentioning that someone has left the door of the fridge open overnight, which has make the yogurt go sour.
  • Paratroopers – Make use of it to drop two powerful troopers on your opponents.

Pros Of Rush Wars Game

  • Plenty of cards / troops to choose from.
  • Cute graphics.
  • Great potential in attacking and defending.
  • Tutorial is easy to understand.
  • Good concept and free to play with no waiting time.

A Few Aspects That Need To Be Fixed In Rush Wars Game

As the game is still in beta, there are a lot of problems that players are facing in Rush Wars game. Some of the most obvious ones that need to be fixed have been mentioned below:

  • The team consists of 25, which is really small and should be increased to at least 50.
  • Raiding an enemy costs Gold, which needs to be revised. Also, by raiding enemies, the amount of Gold earned is not much as the opponent has very little available. This makes progressing harder in the game, so gamers prefer using Rush Wars hack for generating in-game currencies.
  • Each hour you get one key, and when you are not playing the game, you end up wasting several keys. So, the cap of 5 keys should be increased to 10.
  • More utility buildings should be added in the main base.
  • The ways to earn Gems in the game is limited, which makes it difficult to progress.
  • Once the game has been launched globally, a worldwide chat system would make it possible for new players to join a clan.
  • It would be better if the game is available for all devices.
  • Some features like attacking are similar to Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, which makes it a mix of both.

To conclude, Supercell has never let its fans down with their games. Even though Rush Wars is still in beta, it is a solid game with amazing graphics and enjoyable gameplay. Give it a shot and have an enjoyable experience.

Rush Wars Hack

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